Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This is why I love SawStop

Once again, they have completely exceeded my expectations and blown me away!

A small metal clip on the fence broke the other night in class, rendering the fence useless on one of the table saws. I had to remove the fence from the saw, lest someone accidentally try to use it and get hurt. 

 Luckily - I have two other tablesaws that could be used, but still - you don't want to have a broken fence, especially with classes going on five days a week.

I called Darren in their service department, explaining the problem to him. That was yesterday. 

Today I got this in the mail - seriously! 

The part was overnighted and I got it 24 hours later. That is some seriously crazy customer service, and another reason why I'm so thankful to have their tools in my school. 

Funny how a little $2 part can wreak havoc in the shop. It was a simple repair, accomplished in about two minutes. It took longer to find the right sized allen wrench than to switch out the parts. 

I can't recommend them highly enough - if you're in the market for a table saw, you might want to consider their products. 

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