Monday, April 21, 2014

Plan A... finishing the slab framework

It's been a busy couple of weeks, but I managed to finish the top framework for this coffee table I'm building. The petrified slab is going to sit in the middle of this frame, which is made of two inch thick Oak.  Each piece has to be scribed, and by this time - I've gotten really really good at it. 

I scribe using a Lee Valley compass, using the rough edge as my guide. 

 Once I get the line drawn, I use the bandsaw to trim off the excess. 

I'm not aiming for perfection yet,  I just want to be close to my line. And because the live edge juts out,

 I bandsaw the waste on a slight angle. 

Once everything is fitted perfectly, I use the Festool Domino 

and put in some floating tenons. 

It's hard to see pencil lines, so little blue tape and a white pencil works great. 

(Thanks for the white lead pencils, Beth!)

 I thought fitting the last piece would be tough, but damn!

 I nailed it! So the top is done, except for gluing it together. 

 While I was working on this, I came up with an interesting design for the legs - dovetailed leg with through-joinery, showing on the top of the table. So I made this prototype - and  called my client, to see if he and his wife might like to change the design we'd already agreed upon.  I think this dovetailed leg would be great,  especially if I taper it down and give it an interesting profile. 

But – in the end - they didn't want to change the design, so I'll go back to Plan A - and hopefully finish this table off this week. 

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