Wednesday, August 29, 2012

There, I fixed it!

Can you tell I've been on a bit of a break this week?

Classes don't start for another week, and I've had a chance to get caught up with a few things around the shop. I've been working on a few blog posts, but right now, nothing is finished enough to post, so I thought I'd share some pure silliness - some pictures from one of my favorite waste-of-time websites - There, I fixed it!

You've gotta love the resourcefulness of some of these repairs!

Like this headlight repair - wouldn't it be cheaper (and easier) to just buy a new headlight, instead of having to turn on each one of these flashlights?

Maybe they couldnt' find one of those Waterpik shower heads?

Speaking of shower heads...

If your oven door won't stay shut, a 2x4 oughta fix it!

I've heard of police budgets being cut, but this is crazy!

Whoever came up with the idea of using cheap plastic lawn furniture for their kid's swingset is an absolute moron.

I'm not sure which guy is in a worse position - the one on the ladder, or the one at the bottom of the ladder. At any point - did either of these guys think this was a bad way to move this couch?

Based on the thickness of those chain links, something tells me that a plastic cable tie isn't going to do the trick here.

I'd rather not wash my hands at all.

The caption says it all.

I don't even know what to say about this car door repair.

Or this tail gate repair. At least they added some artwork!


And finally - my favorite....

I'll be back soon!

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