Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy National Tequila Day!

For the last few Saturdays, some friends and I have gathered at a workbench after hours, doing "research" in the woodshop. Oh, we're not discussing wood glues or joinery techniques - it's something far more important.

We've been conducting taste tests - and wow - last week's was a very thorough examination of two important items - tequila and salt.

Eric and I brought a nice selection from our respective stashes; you'd be amazed how different tequilas taste when sampled one after another. You'd also be amazed at how quickly you feel the effects!

The salt tasting was even more illuminating - who knew that there would be such a HUGE difference in the taste of various salts?

Eric bought some common salts that everyone might have in their pantry, and then three gourmet versions. Amazing!

Prior to that tequila tasting, we conducted another serious tasting of olive oils a few weeks back - and if you've never attended one, I highly recommend you call some friends and conduct your own research.

Grab a loaf of something crunchy and some small dishes, and pour out the various oils you've assembled. I'd never tried smoked olive oil, but I'm now a huge fan of it.

And - the winner is ..... Di Stefano Olive Oil. You will be shocked at the difference between this oil and the one you probably have in your cupboard right now.

One of the common complaints about Las Vegas is that everyone is a transplant here, from somewhere else. That it is hard to meet people, and even harder to meet true friends. You want to make friends? Host a tasting at your home. Invite everyone to bring a few samples of oil or tequila or salt or whatever, and start tasting.

I'm starting to enjoy the "after hours" part of Open Shop even more than everyone designing and cutting and building things. It's a wonderful opportunity to get to know everyone on a different, more personal, level.

Who would have ever guessed that that would come from hanging around a woodshop?!


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Vegas Lupe said...

Cheers, Jamie! It has been a long day, it is 12:25 in the morning now, and I am treating myself with a shot of Silver Patron. Can't beat that!

Isn't research wonderful? :-)