Friday, April 20, 2012

Hug your dog today...

Meet my two friends - oil and wax. These two are my go-to products - a couple of coats of oil, wet sanded into the wood, followed by a coat of wax. The wax adds some protection and just a bit of sheen. If you want a glossier finish on your pieces, then these two probably aren't going to be your friends.

But for me, they're perfect.

So - the casket is finished. I get very somber and feel quite emotional when building pieces like this. Sure, it is an honor, but with that comes a heavy heart.

The last few flag cases I've made for soldiers that have died have also made me very blue.
This case made me particularly sad while I built it.

This casket is actually going to be buried in a pet cemetery up in northern California.

It will be filled with the cremains of two beloved dogs, as well as some of their toys, their collars, and more trinkets.

Weeping yet?

You know I was thinking about Stella the whole time I was building this. And Lily. And Bubinga. And Ipo. And Rennie. (All my beloved dogs)

These corner boxes will hold the cremains tins.

Notice the two small rare earth magnets - those hold the lid in place.

The lid was quite heavy, so a simple lid support keeps it from tipping all the way back.

And this casket lid lock secures the top in place.

After posting this blog, I think I'll go and play with Stella a little longer than usual.

RIP Spike and Jezebel.

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Vegas Lupe said...

Congratulations on a job well done, Jamie. In spite of the occasional scream of frustration, YOU DID IT!

The box looks beautiful. Those two doggies must have been part of a great family. To have a custom made casket made specially for them is quite a tribute.

Although I am a "spread the ashes in the ocean" type of person...It makes me think about the myriad of designs that one could come up with in wood to immortalize someone's remains.

Have a good weekend. :-)