Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stella. Playing.

Did you ever have a friend who has a larger-than-life personality? Someone that just lights up the room when they walk in the door? Someone that makes you smile just thinking about them?

That is how I feel about Stella.

She always looks sad before a haircut.

And looks so happy after being groomed.

I guess we all feel that way after a haircut, don't we?

She's not the smartest pet in the world. In fact, when you throw a ball, half the time she can't even find it. She can't jump at all, so forget ever winning a dog-frisbee contest with her. She definitely rides the short bus, as my friends tell me.

But she just makes me smile. Here she is, after a recent play session. This is all about her gusto-for-life.

She has a weird way of playing, too. She takes a lot of aggression out on her toys.

Still, she's the best shop-dog/companion in the world. If I could just stop her from bringing pieces of scrap wood into my bed, I'd be happy!

1 comment:

Jill said...

Oh Stella LOL
She is so great and FUNNY!
Love these videos!