Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Working small for a change!

A few months back, I realized I had a ton of frequent flier miles piling up, and decided to spend some of them on this Dremel kit.

I've never had much of a need for a tool like this; I work on much bigger pieces, so this tools almost seems like a toy to me.

But recently, a client stopped in my shop to ask if I could make a small sculpture for his wife. The original sculpture he'd seen looked like this,

but since his marriage is an inter-racial one, he wanted a sculpture to reflect that.

Let's face it, I'm not a great carver, nor will I ever be. But I'm a decent one. I get by with a few chisels, a sharp knife, and now - this Dremel set. It came with some amazing bits,

like this grinder,

or these sanding drums,

these wire brushes,

even this polishing compound

and some buffing pads. This tool made short work of that carving, especially in some of the very tight curved areas.

I sent these pictures to my client, and he was so excited. That's truly one of the best parts about my job - giving people something that they can't find elsewhere. Sweet.

Meanwhile, some projects are starting to pile up around the shop - here are a few nearing completion. In another week or two, they'll be sitting in someone's home, so I thought I'd get a few pictures while I still could.

Here's a very nicely made foyer table/desk. All it needs are the drawer faces and the top installed, and it will be ready to stain.

This dresser is nearly done - again, drawer faces are all it needs.

This small nightstand is the first piece of furniture ever built by this student - and she's doing a lovely job.

I'm teaching an Intermediate Woodworking class right now, and we're working on compound miters. I cut this piece during my demo, and like it so much, I am going to turn it into a small lamp for my bedroom.

Finally, here is a lovely Hickory and Walnut table, with some pretty amazing details like through mortise-and-tenon joints, and a top with breadboard ends. It's gorgeous and sturdy, and I can just picture this in a cabin somewhere, aging gracefully. Nice job, Dan!

OK, back to work for me!

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