Sunday, March 06, 2011

When you can't find your safety glasses...

My friends always send me links to sites that show hilarious photos of ingenious ways that people fix broken things.

One is called - There, I Fixed It, which features red-neck repair solutions. It never fails to make me laugh out loud; Stella thinks I'm nuts.

My sister and her hubby live in rural (i.e. - out in the middle of effing red-neck no-where) North Carolina, which is pretty much Red Neck Central. They would probably love this site, if they had better internet service. Maybe they should try this solution.

Another one is called - I Can Fix That. It's so entertaining, you could lose hours checking out the various "solutions" that are posted.

So my buddy Jay sent me this picture last night. He knows how safety goggle conscious I am in the woodshop. I love this solution!

Maybe these pictures make me laugh so much because my dad was always doing things like this! To everyone who has ever come up with solutions like these - thanks for the laughs!

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