Saturday, January 15, 2011

Changing planer blades (again!)

It's about to get a little crazy in the shop, with lots of classes starting and projects being completed. So I thought it best to do a little maintenance around the place. Sending blades to be sharpened is the first place I start.

You know you basically have no life when the highlight of your week is having your three favorite sawblades sharpened and ready to re-install.

Sharp jointer and planer blade are icing on the cake.

I've gotten pretty quick at installing the planer blades.

Keeping the manual and knife press gauge handy helps!

This diagram tells me just about everything I need to know about installing the blades at the correct height.

And all I need to do this blade replacement are two very important things - a cup of coffee and a wrench. The coffee isn't essential, but really helps.

Install the springs that go under the blade,

slide in the gib, that holds the blade in place,

and slide the blade into place. Remember, it's very sharp. Then put the height gauge over the blade and press down.... GENTLY!

You don't want to ding your blade, do you?

Here is a short video to show you how simple it is.

Time for another cup o' joe.... good luck replacing your blades!


Jay Amundson said...


Who does your sharpening? I have a guy but would like to find another.

Jay Amundson

Anonymous said...


I use Nevada Carbide, here is their info:

2120 Highland Ave # F
Las Vegas, NV 89102-4635
(702) 383-0800

If you go, tell Ann or Gary that I said thanks for a nice job on my blades!

Anonymous said...

Got asked the other day a good question, to which I wasn't sure what my answer would be... "if you had just ONE saw blade, for all your work, what would you use?"

i'm curious what your answer is.

Anonymous said...

Favorite blade?

Tough question - but it is a very close tie between Forrest Woodworker 2 blade, and an H.O. Schumacher blade.

Jury is still out, but I'm leaning toward the Schumacher blade. Amazing balance and stiffness. It does it all.