Monday, September 20, 2010

Take this job and...

Who hates their job?

As I was driving home tonight, after a long week and weekend without a day off, I thought about how much I enjoy what I do. And I thought about how many people I know who don't feel that way about their jobs.

I don't get that - if you're unhappy with what you're doing - why do it? Fortunately, most of my friends have jobs they love, too. That makes for happy people.
I just spent an amazing creative weekend with a student who came to town for her second round of private woodworking lessons. We covered so much ground, my head is still spinning. (I imagine hers is, too!)

Her enthusiasm for working with wood is invigorating. Everything is new, and even sanding isn't boring.
Honestly - does working get any better than this? Thanks for a great weekend, Kelly!

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Kelly said...

LOVE the photo! (as you would know . . .haha!) It was THE BEST working with you this weekend...thank YOU for Everything!!!