Monday, December 28, 2009

A quickie cabinet

Many of the students who take classes at the woodworking school come straight from their day jobs, so the first thing they do is head to the bathroom to change their clothes. I was feeling a little guilty about the bathroom not being the most convenient place to change - there isn't even a hook on the back of the door to hang up a backpack or purse. So I just put together a simple cabinet out of some leftover Cherry door panels I had sitting on a shelf.

These door panels measure roughly 14 x 41, so I used those dimensions as a starting point for the cabinet. Since this cabinet is also going to hold some bathroom supplies on it's shelves, I decided to make the two adjustable shelves out of melamine covered MDF, with a solid cherry edge to match the rest of the cabinet. Melamine isn't exactly glamorous material for a piece of furniture, but if that bottle of glass cleaner or cleanser leaks, clean-up is much easier.

Of course, I had to rout a graceful curve on the top. The cabinet might not be in a place of prominence, but there's no sense in making it boring.

The top looks like it needs another coat of Watco.

My local Festool guru loaned me a Domino to play with, and this cabinet was a perfect opportunity to try it out. I have to admit - this piece went together in minutes, as opposed to hours. And as much as I want to complain about the price of the Domino, I am quickly seeing the merits of owning one.

Guess I'll be re-working my tool budget for 2010 and trying to fit this tool into my arsenal.

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