Sunday, November 29, 2009

Walnut Bench with hunter green tile

No rest for the weary. No sooner did I finish my desk, then I completed another piece - one of my filing cabinet benches. The part that I love best about these benches is the tile.

Here's a set of hunter green tile I've been working on - modular and textured.

These pieces are roughly one, two, three, four, and five inch squares.

These sizes allow me to make various patterns in the tiled areas.

And the texture is amazing with this glaze - a Waterfall Green that I developed a couple of years ago. Cool colors like greens and blues look amazing next to the warm colors of wood.

Here's the bench, awaiting one last detail - the lid support that needs to be installed inside.

This piece features a full length piano hinge, an aromatic cedar bottom, and is sized to hold hanging file rails. These benches can be used as blanket chests at the foot of your bed, or as a filing cabinet in an office. A recent buyer of one of these told me she stores all her knitting supplies in the chest she purchased. What a great idea!

We have three of these chests in our home, and I'm going to add some cool wooden casters to the bottom of one and turn it into a coffee table.

It will be perfect for stashing the dog toys or holding an afghan for a chilly night.

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RobinWade Furniture said...

I never see these kind of table design usually wood furniture design as classic and old,but the green color give a charm and gorgeous look to the table.