Thursday, May 14, 2009

Unpacking the beast

I owe my buddy Larry a nice lunch.

He and a friend stopped by just as the new tablesaw was being delivered. Just the crate and all of it's stickers got my heart pumping.

After opening the main crate, we slid the beast into the mobile base, thus making it easier to assemble. Of course, I'd like to say I remembered to bring my camera and documented the whole assembly, but...

About that lunch bet - here's a tip. If you ever have an opportunity to make a bet on whether or not a power cord comes with a $4500 saw, bet that it doesn't.

If you're lucky enough to live in a great place like Las Vegas, there are some fantastic places you've always wanted to try, but probably couldn't afford. This bet could be a great way to win a free lunch in the restaurant of your choice.

Way to go, Larry.

My next question is - why the hell do manufacturers do that? Oh, I know, they want the machine to be hardwired into the wall. I understand that, but even so - where's the cord to do so?

Now I have to run all over town trying to find an appropriate molded cord. Note to the SawStop company - just because you make one of the coolest saws in the world doesn't give you the right to flake out on this issue.

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