Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Las Vegas Woodworker's Second Meeting

You know how sometimes, you come up with a great idea in your mind, and then later, start to doubt if others will think it's so great? What's that all about? It's better to trust your gut, and go with your instinct, but sometimes we don't.

So as I headed to my local lumberyard to pick up some material for an order I'm working on, I had one of those epiphanies, where the light bulb goes off over your head.

See, I've been trying to come up with a better location for our second Las Vegas Woodworker's meeting, and nothing was coming to mind. Even if we wanted to go back to the library, I don't know if they'd let us, without a stern lecture from them about running late.

If you read my last blog post - you'll know that finding good lumber here in Las Vegas was a topic of conversation at the last meeting. So my light bulb moment was about asking the guys at the lumberyard if they're be willing to host our next meeting.
Now I'm in no way affiliated with Peterman Lumber.

I'm not a family member, not a stock holder, nothing. Nada. Zilch. But I'm a pretty big fan of their products, and more importantly, their staff. They've consistently gone out of their way to do things to satisfy and help me out. Like bringing in special requests of wood. Need a certain board width? Want a sample? Need a few prices for putting together a bid? No problem.

I've been building furniture long enough to hear every complaint out there from certain lumberyards. (Mostly lumberyards I don't buy from anymore.)

Anyway, I told the fellows at Peterman about the first woodworking meeting we had, and how everyone had asked about lumber suppliers. Then I said "before you just say no and turn me down, would you possibly think about letting us have our next meeting here?"

Imagine my surprise when they said yes, and suggested a Saturday morning meeting, so that we could have the place to ourselves.

So - the 2nd meeting of the Las Vegas Woodworking Club will be meeting at Peterman Lumber on Saturday, March 14th, at 10 AM. I'm going to do a small demo of the Router Buddy system, and Ed from Peterman will give us a tour of the place, discussing products and maybe handing out a few free-bies.

The lumberyard is a little tricky to find, it's off Arville, off Blue Diamond. The map below should help, but know this - you can't simply drive south on Arville from Tropicana, it doesn't go all the way through.

So you'll need to go down to Blue Diamond and then go north on Arville. Turn right on Windmill, and then turn into the first driveway on the left. Peterman is all the way at the end of that building on your right. Or you can do a "MapQuest" from your home:

Meanwhile, I'd like some help with something... I'd like a better name than the Las Vegas Woodworking Club. It's a little boring, and the group is anything but that. So I'm throwing this out there to everyone - let's come up with a better name!

Any suggestions? I'm counting on everyone to come to the next meeting with a suggestion or two. Anyone who doesn't come with a suggestion has to bring the donuts.

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