Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Swamp coolers

I never knew what a swamp cooler was, until I moved to the desert. They're quite common in some parts of the country, like the south, or southwest, but I never lived in one of those places. Hence, my ignorance.

I installed one in my studio a couple years ago, and while it doesn't provide that cool, dry air that you get from an air conditioner, it does help. Last week, we were in a heat wave, and the weather topped 115˚ here. That's just brutal, no matter how much one (me, for example!) likes the warm weather.

My online buddy, Steven, sent me a link to an interesting company, called Airzee, out of Arizona. They make a swamp cooler that actually looks and acts as a security door for your home. Some neighborhoods don't allow the unsightly installation of a swamp cooler, but when it's disguised as a door, it's barely noticed.

Pretty great idea, wish I had come up with that one!

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