Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finally - a Waterfall Green Glaze!

If you've read earlier entries on this blog, you know I've sort of lost my mind trying to develop a green version of the lovely WaterFall Glaze.

Don't faint... I think I've done it.

I've tested and retested this recipe, more than a half dozen times, on different clay bodies, on smooth and textured slabs. A year and a half of experimenting. Who knows where the time goes?

Of course, it's too late to shoot any decent pictures of the platter I just unloaded, but I'll try to add a few more pictures as soon as I can.



Sister Creek Potter said...

Jamie, How do you apply your glaze? I noticed that you mention using the rolled test tiles for dipping the glaze. So how are you applying the glaze to the flat tiles?
And are you using wood molds for your sushi plates?
Also, I'd love to have the recipe for your tuna sushi roll.

Jamie Y said...

Gay -

I usually spray my glaze, using a pretty low tech sprayer called the Critter. Here's a link:

You'll need to experiment, but I usually apply 4 coats. If something is small, I'll brush it on - three coats. But you can get brush marks on larger pieces, so spraying is best.

I spray flat tiles as well as dinnerware. For the tiles, I just lay them out on newspaper, close together. Spray them, and when dry, wipe off anything that's dripped over the edge. Pretty low tech, I can spray about 4 or 5 square feet of tile at a time.

I did a blog post on what I use for forming plates, here's a link: http://wooditis.blogspot.com/2007/05/time-for-slumping.html

Finally, that recipe is easy - I'm assuming you already make sushi, so you know about making sushi rice and laying it on the nori. The filling for it is simple, only four ingredients :

4 ounces of sushi grade Tuna, diced very small
1 T Mayonnaise
1/2 T sesame oil
1/2 T Chili Paste (I use one that is Chile-garlic paste)

Mix the 4 ingredients together with a fork, almost pulverizing the tuna into a paste.

Distribute on your rice, roll tightly, and cut into 8 pieces.


Hope that helps!


Sister Creek Potter said...

Jamie, You are so generous! I've recorded the recipe and checked out your mold making process. You've given me SO much work to do--gotta get busy! Thanks. Gay