Saturday, October 21, 2006

There's nothing more satisfying than when clients give you artistic license to design something for their home. Sometimes this is a hard place to reach in the build/client relationship. I've had people come to me with sketches of furniture that were both aesthetically challenged and mechanically unfeasible. In the beginning, I probably made a few of those pieces, but I've blocked them from my memory! I like to think my clients are more informed these days, and trust that I can build what they describe to me.

These wooden frames (there are two of them) fit into two openings that run in between the formal living room and a family room. The openings allow light and sound to pass through, and make both rooms feel much bigger than they really are. Yet they help define and contain each individual space. Both frames are roughly three tall and nearly six feet wide. We left the center area open with the possibility of adding a stained glass panel in the future.

I built the bookcase on the left almost a year ago, matching several other pieces in their home. It holds their collection of scrapbooks and photo albums.

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