Sunday, September 26, 2010

Late night at the shop

Stella and I worked late into the night Saturday evening. She was filthy, climbing in the dust under the workbenches to chase her ball. But she couldn't be happier.

This might be the skankiest tennis ball on the planet. She would sleep with it, if I let her.

The good news is - she actually loves taking showers. When we got back home, she walked into the shower before I even turned it on. Honestly, she's an angel.

I needed to glue up some panels, so that the glue would be dry today, when I head back to the shop. That's one thing that's important about working with wood - pre-planning your work, so that waiting for glue or finish to dry doesn't hold you up too much.

We've been working with compound miters in a class I'm teaching on Thursday evenings. There are so many cool things you can build with this joint, and I'm inspired by the pieces that everyone is building.

There was a piece of mahogany plywood left over from a previous job, so I built this clock last night. I still have to build a small pedestal for the base of this clock, but I couldn't wait to see it all together, so I oiled the part that was done, and installed the clock movement.

That is the best part of being a woodworker - you can build everything in your home to create a very customized (and cool!) environment. My latest passion has been making lamps.

This lamp (below) will eventually be tiled on all sides. It's going to be amazing.

Here is what we watched before falling asleep last night - a wonderful close to a lovely day in the shop.

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Mom and Pop Wood Shop said...

Well, good for you being so organized that you manage to work your projects so you are not standing around waiting for glue to dry. Seems to be the one thing I forget to do. LOL

The clock is very nice.
Your work is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.