Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another shop visit

Everyone seems to enjoy shop visits, so I thought I'd try to capture a few images that might be interesting.

No that's not my shirt hanging there, it's actually a wooden sculpture.

Complete with all the details, like this stitching

and the folds. I don't know who carved this, it was purchased at a gallery in North Carolina.

Prayer flags from Nepal keep everyone safe from accidents.

No, that's not a "time out" chair, it's the prototype for a set of dining room chairs. Better to make it out of a less expensive wood and iron out all the details, than figure things out along the way.

When I was working alone this morning, I couldn't find a tool rest to support this long board I was cutting. So this is my poor man's (oops - poor woman's) tool support - the table from the drill press.

Don't laugh. It works.

Danny was playing with my tools again.

Ann's been working on this mosaic table for months.

She swears it's going to be finished by autumn.

Jessica was making some Halloween decorations. I'm trying to talk her into teaching a class for kids this Spring.

What is it with the hands?

Just finished this box with finger joints. I taught a class on cutting those last week, and kept the box I'd cut as a demo. You can never have too many boxes!

Here is a piece my father made many years ago. He attended a jewelers trade school, and learned everything from watch repair to setting stones to metal engraving. And much more. This fish, punched and engraved on a piece of aluminum, is probably sixty years old.

Here are a few tumblers of mine, thrown on the wheel. Pencils have a way of disappearing in the shop, so I keep this stash in my office.

This cabinet was just started yesterday - and it will be be finished by tomorrow. I'm heading back to the shop to stain it in a few hours.

Like pencils in the shop - you can never have enough sharp blades.

Doesn't everyone have a 30mm shell casing on their desk?

Who used the saw last and forgot to blow it clean?

That's it for today. I'm putting the "kids" in the van and we're all heading over to the shop for a few hours.

They'll both need a bath when we get home, but it sure is fun to have them with me while I work.

(A little later in the evening...) Here's what happens when you're staining wood and your glove pops a leak.

Ruthie thoroughly enjoyed her visit to the woodshop.

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