Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn leaves

It dawned on me that the reason I ramp up my ceramic work at the end of the summer is because it's much nicer to unload a kiln when it's actually cool outside. I've been firing the small kiln every few days - it isn't big, but it's perfect for smaller items, and it achieves ∆04 in about six hours.

When I use the larger kiln to bisque fire my work, it literally takes me weeks to fill it. And once it's fired, there are so many pieces that need glazing, it makes my head spin. So having a small and a large kiln seems to make a lot of sense for me.

I have a leaf obsession going on right now.

That's not surprising, coming from someone who has a tree tattoo, is it?

These are very small, about the size of a quarter, a nickle, and a dime.

My weekend is going to be filled with glazing leaves - I have about 2000 that I'll be working on. I've got a fantastic piece I'm designing, and I need a few thousand leaves for it.

But the big news that I mentioned a couple of posts ago is... starting in early 2011, I'll be partnering with UNLV to teach courses for them at my shop. This link will take you to their website, where you can view their course catalog.

I still don't get their logo; I guess I'll have to ask someone what it's about.

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Adrienne said...

Taken from the UNLV site: "The next mascot became “Hey Reb” on December 9, 1982. This new mascot was a mountain man and was designed by Mike Miller. The mountain man mascot had a big hat, mustache, and a coat. The coat had the UNLV and Rebels logo on it. The new mascot came from the idea of UNLV being an institution that was an explorer and a pathfinder."

Is that any clearer? Didn't think so! ;-)