Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Performing a little hole control...

If this current project doesn't kill me - nothing will! 

I'm making two matching boxes out of Teak, and I must be allergic to the wood - it's tearing up my lungs. And yes - I've been wearing a mask, but it really doesn't help. Teak is so oily and resinous, the dust just clings to everything. 

Because the wood is so oily - you have to wipe the joints with acetone before gluing everything together. 

Of course, I tipped the can over while I was wiping everything. Oh good - more fumes!

Glued and ready to cut open. 

This box is designed to hold several different artifacts, so it took quite a bit of cutting and trimming to get the interior partitions to fit together tightly. Every cut sent me into a coughing spell. I even added in a small secret compartment inside, except it's not-so-secret anymore. 

I love these Lee Valley hinges, but they don't come with screws. WTF? 

And the screws that they recommend for the hinges don't really fit the hinge that well. See how the head of the screw protrudes just a bit? Not. Good.

This mini countersink took care of one problem, but... 

after countersunk, the hinge is now bi-colored. Time for a metal touch-up.

I pulled out my secret weapon... 

Seriously, I can't tell you how many little scratches and touch-ups I do with a Sharpie. You know how some people say they couldn't work without a roll of duct tape in their shop? That's how I feel about Sharpies. One quick swipe around that countersunk hole and you can't even see where the hole was enlarged. 

I mean it - I love Sharpies!

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