Friday, January 09, 2015

No sporks here...

We've been fooling around with carving in the shop, ever since the Lie-Nielsen crew left town. A few of us bought carving tool sets, which led us down the natural path of carving spoons. What great way to dip your feet into the world of carving!

 I'm not even sure why, but I love sporks. They're ingenious!  I found this one here, they have some really amazing stuff on their site. 

Beth is always prepared when she's starting a project - be it large or small. So she brought in an article she'd found, 

as well as some of her favorite kitchen utensils. 

We dug out some scrap wood, 

and our new tools....

 and got down to business.

This is an old kitchen set I had from years ago - I like the way the different shapes fit together. 

I bought this ladle at the CowBoy Christmas show - a gorgeous addition to my collection. 

Maybe someday I'll have the time to make one of these....

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