Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hire a pro, dammit!

Not to beat a dead horse - here are a few more pictures of that helmet case I just finished. 

Better photos.

I rarely hire a professional photographer to shoot my work - there just never seems to be enough time, and... well...what's wrong with my photos? 

(A lot!)

But I have to tell you about Jeniffer LaRocca, who shot this latest helmet case.  Here's a link to her FaceBook page,  and here's her blog: 

Jeniffer came to my shop with a small arsenal of photo gear - lights, screens, backdrops - if felt like 500 pounds of equipment! She pulled off this last-minute shoot like a true pro. I couldn't be happier! 

If you really want to take some stress out of your life - I highly recommend letting a pro do your shooting. 

Me? I'll stick to working with wood and call Jeniffer!

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