Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thanks for the tip

A few weeks ago, I wrote about adapting some chains to make lid supports.

The really cool thing about this blog is that I hear from people all over the world. They send me tips, correct my typos, offer suggestions, point out my mistakes, and are generally very kind to me. I'm very proud to call many of these people friends, and I've even met a few when they've visited Vegas.

(Everybody visits here!)

So a few weeks ago, someone gave me a link to a chain supply company. Wow - SCORE! They had exactly what I was looking for, including these chain ends.

And the chain - in the color I wanted, too. I'm so not a "bright brass" woodworker, and often seek hardware in darker finishes.

These ends rock!

I liked them so much, I ordered fifty sets!

Here is how they look installed.

So - a huge thank you to Sam, wherever you are, I really appreciate the link!

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