Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Channeling McGuyver

Call me finicky, but I have yet to find a lid support that really like.

Most aren't what I'm looking for - they're either too big and clunky, or they're too labor intensive to install.

Simple, sleek, and easy to install are my criteria.

I've been on a box-building binge lately, and have been searching for something that I could use for my lid supports. You would think it would be easy, right?

There is just nothing out there! I've driven all over town, searching the obscure hardware stores, and scoured the internet, looking at most of my favorite hardware sites. Nada. Nothing. Bupkes.

Then I wandered into one of the Big Box stores, eyes glazed, not expecting to find anything that I could use. And spied this.

Seriously, you have to think outside the box for something like this. Do you see it?

Clip off the ring

and you're left with this.

Spray paint them whatever color you want - I love flat black hardware. Spray them, and hang 'em out of the way for a bit.

I also picked up a few aluminum spacers

and painted those, too.

These are the sole reason I went to all this trouble - you just can't find these ends anywhere.

And here is how I put then to use - attaching one end to the lid,

and the other end to the bottom. I don't completely tighten the screw, I want the chain ends to be able to pivot just a bit.

And there you have it - my $5 lid support solution.

By the way - if anyone knows where I can just buy just those chain ends without having to the whole drain plug, can you please let me know? My collection of plugs is starting to get out of hand!


Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

Some jewelry supply stores have it, there must be one in Vegas.

Sam said...

Chris said...

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea and just what we were looking for. Thanks.