Thursday, June 21, 2012

Random Shots from the Shop

Work has been flying out of my shop so quickly lately that I can barely keep up with shooting any photos of the pieces.

And even when I manage to take some photos, something's up with my camera. I'm not getting good color representation, or crisp photos. Hmmmm.....

For better or worse, here are the final images of that last Air Force box I made.

A couple of very nice guys signed up for a private session of the Basic Woodworking class. This is pretty much the first time they've ever touched wood, or any tools - and they created some amazing pieces!

One of the projects we make in the class is a custom designed bread knife - and this is where everyone's creativity really kicks in. Lately, some of the most creative knives ever have been made - here are just a few.

Brass (er...wooden?) knuckles, anyone?

Life seems like it's about to get a little crazy again - with lots of pieces to build, classes to teach, house guests arriving - it's so easy to get caught up in a hectic day and stress out about everything. (It seems even worse when the weather is hot!)

But - if I had just one wish for you (and me!) - I would hope that you take the time to relax just a bit. Take a deep breath, step back from your busy day, and maybe have a banana split for dinner tonight. Check it out.


John said...

Jamie, how did you get those images "embossed" on the boxes? That really sets them apart in a nice way, looks good.

Wood It Is! said...

My client had the images lasered onto the wood panel. They look cool, don't they?!