Friday, June 22, 2012

My Planter Project Follow-up

My buddy Art at McKillican Lumber gave me a sheet of plywood to play with a while ago, and I blogged about the planter boxes that I'd made with the sheet. The guys at McKillican are great at making you not feel like a doofus when buying wood for the first time. It's easy to get intimidated when you're in a lumberyard - especially when they start throwing all their abbreviations around at you.

Hit or Miss?
Common vs. Select?

If you're looking for a good lumber buying experience, head over there and introduce yourself. You won't be sorry, and they don't tack on that additional board footage charge like some of the lumberyards here do.

I wanted to post a final picture of those planters, they really came out nice. If I had it to do over, I would make them slightly deeper. I allowed 11" inside each box, for the container, but I wish I'd gone deeper - like 12 or 13 inches.

Still - they look fabulous, and their color changes with the time of day. Late in the day, the sunlight changes and they glow.

It is National Take Your Dog to Work day, so you know where Stella and I will be.

Hope you were able to take your four-legged child to work, too!

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John said...

Those really turned out nicely. Thanks for giving me a break from writing up Wednesdays meeting. Just listening to my Pandora "Janis Joplin" station -- she rocks!!