Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let's get this bed assembled!

When the glue was dry, I scraped the board and ran it through the planer. I already knew the length it needed to be - the same as the footboard length.

A scrap of the cut off let me set the sawblade height up to cut the tenons. Yes, I do almost everything on my tablesaw. And yes, it might have been easier to cut them with a router. Still - I can do just about anything with a tablesaw - quicker and better.

Here's the sample

which allowed me to cut this muy rĂ¡pidamente.

A really nice fit!

I used the same saw setup to score the tenon on the wider headboard rail.

Then I made a series of sideway skims over the blade, to eliminate most of the waste. I don't recommend you do this in your shop, but know it can be done.

A shoulder plane allowed me to fit the tenon perfectly. Here, the headboard is finally starting to take shape.

My last step is to complete the headboard.

To tell you the truth - there are so many choices, that I am having a hard time deciding what to do! Should I carve it? Inlay some tile? Apply something else on top of it? There are too many choices!

I'm going to order some panel material for the decking, and think about what I want to do. I usually do better by letting a few days pass before making a decision.


Vegas Lupe said...

The bed is looking amazing. My vote: Inlay tile!!! Inlaid tile is what makes your woodworking unique.

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