Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A whale of a video

Hawaii is a place that you either "get" or don't. Oh, pretty much everyone loves it, but there are some things about it that are nerve wracking. "Hawaii time" is one, and tourism is another. Like Las Vegas, Hawaii depends on the tourism industry to feed it's economy. But that doesn't mean that Hawaiians like that fact. While tourists spend their vacation dollars there, they also tend to treat the land as if it is expendable. Trash? No problem? Bad behavior at Happy Hour? Cool!

So one of the things that has long bothered me is the cashing in on the whale industry in Hawaii. There are all sorts of whale watching expeditions you can take, where you can go out in the middle of the ocean and hope a whale scoots past. It's illegal to boat over to a whale, and many get caught doing so. But many don't. At least the state tries to help the marine life.

I suppose that's why this video, taken on one of those small submarines that you can go out in, is so special. Try to get past the jerkiness of the camera operator, and enjoy the whales. I've been to Hawaii probably 25 times and I've never gotten to see something this amazing.

The look of bliss on the whales face almost makes me think he's falling in love with the sub.

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