Monday, June 23, 2014

Table Saw Tricks

You have no idea how happy I am to report that the petrified wood table has finally been completed, and is sitting in its final resting place. It was a beast to load! 

 Thanks for the help, Richard and Eric!

Wiping off a little dust that I just spotted. 

Ummm... how am I supposed to get out of here?! 

It was both a challenge and a refreshing change of pace from what I normally build. Not sure I would take on another project like that again in the near future - I just want to go back to straight lines and more traditional joinery for a while!


Here's a great video to start your woodworking week - this is just terrific! 

I mean, I do everything on my table saw - from making raised panel doors to resawing veneer, but I would never think of half the things that this guy is doing! I particularly love the bowl at the 42 second mark - that's just gorgeous. 

I'm totally going to try that on one of my saws - when I have some time. 

On a related note - I have some HUGE news coming up - I'll try to post it here soon, but if you're a hand tool fanatic - you may want to mark some dates on your calendar - keep October 17 and 18 open.

Off to work....


Vegas Lupe said...

OMG!!! The table saw video was amazing! I can't wait to finish my out of town commitments and be back home. I will definitely be playing with those ideas soon. (It seems that scooping out a chair seat is only the beginning). Power tools rule! Thanks for posting it.

Kristin E. Smith said...

I like the table.I'd like to have one.I know they use modern, powerful tools.

Jeffrey said...

These are some really usefull tips ! Thank you very much, now i can do these for myself on my own !