Friday, June 20, 2014

Half the battle is finding the right materials for the job

There's a lot to be said for finding the right material to finish a job. Use the wrong stuff and you'll never be happy with the result. So when I was trying to finish up this coffee table, I really struggled finding the right color of grout. Or in this case - caulk.

I bought a few different colors and tried them out, squeezing out small beads next to the wood, to see how the color matched. Damn, nothing was right! So I was in a frenzy to find the right color. Luckily, my buddy Dan recommended a flooring shop right here in town.  Danny always comes through for me - like yesterday, when we went on a two hour wild goose chase for a workbench.... but that's a whole other story.....

When I walked in, I was blown away by the color choices I had - luckily I brought a sample of wood with me, so was easy to choose the color I needed. 

If you can't find the color you need here, there's something wrong with you! 

And finally - after a couple days of caulking,

 this table is finally complete!  

You have no idea how happy that makes me! 

It's been in my shop for four months, and has challenged me a dozen different ways.

Stepping outside of one's comfort zone only leads to better skills. Let's just say that my skills grew exponentially on this one. And on top of that -

 I scored a couple of cool T-shirts! Since my mom's name is Virginia - the shirts are an awesome reminder of this job!

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