Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mark your calendars - Lie Nielsen will be here in October!

Before we get too much further into this blog post, you may want to grab your calendar and put a big circle around October 17 and 18th. In fact - you might want to do this with a 

Lie Nielsen, one of the most highly regarded hand tool makers in the world has chosen my school to host their upcoming Tool Event this fall. 

I could sit here, trying to describe it for hours, but the best words that I've read about it come straight from their website:

About Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Events

“We started these Hand Tool Events to expose more woodworkers to the improvements in quality, environment, and enjoyment that hand tool work can offer. Over the past decade, we’ve seen their popularity explode with new and experienced woodworkers alike. Incorporating traditional tools and methods can offer even die-hard machinery users ways to bring their work to the next level. The fact that our tools don’t require earplugs or respirators just adds to the appeal.”
- Thomas Lie-Nielsen 

Each year, we visit over 40 venues across the US and Canada and set up a Lie-Nielsen shop for two days. We bring our full line of hand tools and demonstrate essential hand tool techniques for everyday woodworking useful to both professionals and amateurs. 

Events are hands-on: we encourage customers to try our tools, ask questions, and experience how woodworking with hand tools is rewarding, quiet, and surprisingly efficient.

Events take place at woodworking-related venues like woodworking shops, schools, guilds, stores, and lumberyards. Unless it is part of a larger show or festival, Hand Tool Events are free, open to the public, and do not require registration. A selection of Lie-Nielsen hand tools is available for purchase at most Events. Attendees are eligible for free shipping on orders placed at the Event (excluding Workbenches, Shavehorse, Sharpening Station, vise hardware, and the No. 51 Shoot Board Plane).

We also invite Guest Demonstrators to showcase their work at our Hand Tool Events. Our Guests often include other hand toolmakers, expert woodworkers, and woodworking organizations that share our passion for quality craftsmanship. They demonstrate, answer questions, and, like us, aim to encourage customers to do their best work.

As my shop heads into its sixth year of existence, I find myself being so thankful for loyal students who support and promote my school, as well as friends and family members who help me with the numerous tasks of running the shop. As word has leaked out about the tool event, many of you have come forward offering help...   trust me, I am going to need it! 

Beside the overwhelming task of cleaning and straightening the school, I find myself in need of people who can help with organizational skills, PR work, and event planning. If you like to be part of this event, please contact me - I look at this event as one that the Las Vegas woodworking community can embrace as a whole. 

Will you be a part of it?  Contact me and let's make this event a memorable one!

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