Sunday, March 01, 2009

Some serious grub for a working girl..., not that kind of working girl.

I'm talking about this woodworker.

So the other day, I was out running errands, picking up some material from the lumberyard and dropping off some samples to a client, when I realized I was hungry.

No, more like starving.

I'm not much of a morning eater; I've never have had an appetite in the morning. A gallon of coffee and I'm good to go. So here it was, late afternoon and I hadn't eaten yet.

Now there are a ton of great restaurants and carry-out joints in Las Vegas, and I've blogged about them before. But I was in the mood for something different. Something new. Luckily, I keep a running list in my head of some places I need to try, so imagine my delight when I found myself on the side of town near POPS.

POPS stands for Pride of Philly Steaks, and I'm here to tell you, they fulfill their promise of the best Cheesesteak in town. And even better - they're open 24/7/365. Yup, that's right - you can get your grub on any time you'd like.

Their sandwiches are huge and authentic. Who else would put Cheeze Whiz on a sandwich and serve it with a straight face? If you're unfamiliar with a Cheesesteak, read this and you'll start salivating. I know I did.

So here's a hat tip to all the independently owned restaurants in town, putting out great food, with pride and skill. My family was in the restaurant business, and I know all about putting out a good product for a fair price, and earning your customer's loyalty.

OK, on a related note, I have to say that this website is one of the funniest and most bizarre sites that I've seen in a while. I check it almost daily, to see what I'm missing in life. I'm not a serious health nut, but even I realize that eating some of the stuff they feature is a sure recipe for a heart attack. Yikes.


Anonymous said...


Next time your down south of McCarran, take your appetite to Los Burritos, at Silverado Ranch and Maryland Parkway (next to the tire place and Autozone).

A three pack and you'll be set for lunch and dinner.


firefly said...

I grew up near Philly 30 years ago and never saw a cheesesteak made with anything but American or provolone. Cheez Whiz may be convenient, but it is certainly not "authentic" in my book.

In fact, I bet Cheez Whiz can be used to glue wood projects together. Elmer's glue is made from milk ... ;-)