Monday, March 09, 2009

A cool game for the geeks of the world...

If you've worked with wood for a while, you've probably acquired some relevant skills, like being able to tell a board's width by just looking at it. Or knowing the grit of sandpaper, without turning the sheet over to look at the numbers on the back. Or being able to add fractions without even blinking.

You know,
useful skills.

See, when you're a woodworker, you're probably doing everything else in your woodshop, too. From making the coffee, to taking the photographs, to making a sales call, to designing your business flyer. You name it, and I've probably done it.

Along the way, one can acquire some pretty silly skills all in the pursuit of working with wood.
So imagine my delight when a reader of this blog wrote and shared a site with me that that's not particularly useful - but totally addicting.

This game t
ests your skills at eyeballing various geometric configurations.

Oh, don't go running away.... geometry can be fun.
As Matthias Wandel explains about his game - this tests your ability to see things or locate things. Like the center of a circle. Or if two lines are parallel. Or if lines are straight. It's very simple, and completely addicting.

The rest of his website
is great, too. It's full of plans, project pictures, woodshop photos, jigs and woodworking tricks... honestly, between all of the interesting things on his site, and the Eyeballing game, you'll lose a day's work. Maybe more.

Here's one of my games in progress. Note the "0" at the bottom, as the score on the convergence test. Zero is as good as it gets. Sweet.

Have fun!

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