Saturday, January 03, 2009

A new and interesting tool to consider...

Call me a tool whore. I'll freely admit it.

When the latest issue of Woodshop News came out, I noticed an article in it about Freud's new doweling joiner. Be still, my heart...

It looks similar to a biscuit joiner, and although I have two of those, I feel like they're mostly useless. The only time I pull them out is when I 'm gluing boards together for making things like tabletops or dresser sides. Biscuits help keep the wood aligned while gluing. But a biscuit joint is basically weak, and will fail. Trust me on this.

But the new Freud doweler caught my eye. See, I used to do a lot of doweling, mostly before I purchased a Powermatic Mortiser. (Now that is a kick ass tool!) But the nice thing about tools like this doweler is their simplicity. Set-up is quick, and in this instance, being able to drill two equally spaced holes, perfectly aligned with another set of holes, is a dream come true for woodworkers.

When I think of all the older style face-frame kitchen cabinets I've built, and how many holes I've drilled, I could cry.

Not to mention how many shelf pin holes I've drilled. Thinking about that makes me want to start drinking, and it's only noon-ish.

For anyone that repairs furniture, this tool is a dream come true. When I used to repair furniture, one of the most common tasks was repairing failed joinery. So a tool like this, that can consistently drill equidistant holes, is going to make a lot of antique restorers very happy.

Now if I could only get someone to send me one of these to "test" out and write a review, I'd be really happy, too.

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