Thursday, January 01, 2009

And my 2009 new year resolution is...

Call this "The Year of Living Green" for me.

Having slept in, after hosting a small party last night, I promptly made a mimosa and sat down to think about my 2009 resolution. I know, some people don't like resolutions, with the feeling that any time is a good time to adopt new things in life. OK, I agree with that. But for whatever reason, it always seems like a good time to start things on January 1st, just like it a good time to start dieting on Monday, or a good time to start walking the dog on the weekends. Who knows why our (meaning - my) brains work this way?

Going paperless.

That's my 2009 resolution.

As I start to write about this resolution, something funny just hit me. See, I bought a new printer/scanner, with a specific intention of scanning the scads of papers and pictures I save throughout the year. I keep them in a file, and every now and then, that file gets so big that I can't even close it, nor put it into one of my filing cabinet benches. So I weed through the pile, often throwing some things out that I usually regret later.

Scanning seemed like the natural thing to do; hence - the purchase of a scanner/printer. The only dilemma? There was nothing wrong with the old printer, so it seems a little "anti-green" to retire a perfectly good printer.

And what's worse, I have another perfectly good printer on a shelf in my closet, that I don't use, either. Damn that Apple Computer and their "buy a new computer and get a free printer" giveaway!

I've just talked myself into a second resolution: give some stuff away on Craigslist. Oh, I used to be a member of FreeCycle, but honestly, those people are a little too crazy for me. Some of the stuff I've seen listed on there is bizarre, not to mention that when you post something, you'll receive 73 responses in the first four minutes. It's like a tsunami of "takers" there, but every time I've posted something that I needed..... NADA, ZILCH, BUPKES... so I've divorced myself from FreeCycle.

Craiglist rocks, as long as you don't have someone come to your home.

Anyway, there you have it. I am going to spend much of the day scanning things that I've saved, and then putting everything in the recycling bin. I may fill up my computer with useless images and minutia, but at least my filing cabinet will have more room in it.

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope 2009 is everything you want it to be, and more.

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