Friday, May 05, 2017

A Woman's Job: The Woodworker and Farmer - Anne Briggs

It's amazing how many women come into my shop wanting to learn to work with wood, explaining that they've been discouraged along the way. Maybe by a parent, or a significant other - or even a teacher.... the thought of someone telling another that they "can't do it" boggles my mind. 

Noor Tagouri films a variety of videos focusing on women in non-traditional trades - chefs, mechanics, blacksmiths, chemists - it's a fascinating glimpse at women in the workplace. 

My friend Anne Briggs takes on two non-traditional trades - woodworking and farming!  Noor made a lovely video about Anne - click on the link below and scroll down a bit. (I can't insert the video here, so you'll have to look around for it.)

A Woman's Job: The Woodworker

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