Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thanks, Jimmy

So it's been 13 years since my dad died, and I sure do miss him. 

He had the first woodshop that I ever worked in, but I don't ever remember him actually teaching me to build anything. It was more like him saying "stay away from that tool!" which I totally ignored.

He was always working (like I do) and usually too busy to do fun things (like me). But his shop was always filled with mysterious looking tools and good wood, and it was there that I built my first rubber band machine gun

or my first skateboard ramp.  

Even though he'd yell if I used too much of his lumber, I believe he was proud that I was able to cobble together small projects so nicely.

So here's a tribute to the man who taught me so many things - loyalty, work ethic, family values, and how to swing a golf club.

And here's a favorite quote that comes to mind when I think of him:

People living deeply have no fear of death. ~Anaïs Nin,  1967

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Vegas Lupe said...

Nice tribute to your father. Thank you for posting it. After meeting your mom, I can tell you are lucky to have had such great parents.