Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Here's a followup to a couple of interesting requests!

A very sweet young woman wrote to me the other day, asking if I could save some plane shavings. 

You know - the kind of thing shavings that come from hand planing wood.

 So Denny and I grabbed a couple of planes and some a few pine boards, and went to work. She picked up a box full of shavings that afternoon, and lo and behold! She 
sent this picture of her handiwork a few weeks later. I love the creativity that people possess!

 Another wildly creative (and ambitious!) fellow wandered in, asking if I would straighten out some boards that he'd recycled from various shipping pallets. Honestly, when he brought the boards in (and there were a TON of them!) - I thought he'd gone off the deep end! 

But - a job is a job, right? 

We ripped them into parallel strips, trimmed the ends,  and gave them a thorough sanding. A few weeks later, he sent us this shot - a wall in his den, paneled with the reclaimed lumber. He still needs to fill in a few gaps he has, but what a terrific job he did!

Seeing this almost makes me want to rip apart some pallets and get started....

Well, almost. I'm not that motivated!

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