Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Meet one of my favorite buddies....

Did you ever meet someone and think to yourself - he is such a nice guy, I just wish him all the luck in the world? Like - you're just rooting for someone's success?

That's how I feel about my buddy Braxton. 

He started off as a student a few years ago, but as I've gotten to know him, he's just blossomed into a full-blown friend as well. Stay at home dad, bicycler-extraordinaire, and kick-ass woodworker. Maybe even better - a hysterical yet informative videographer. 

Add them all together and I'm really proud to call him a pal.

His company is Timber Manufacturing, here's a link. 

He builds some amazing pieces, like that slab bench above, and this bench below. 

Check out this cash register counter for a U-Bottle-It store in Henderson. Braxton was recently featured in an online profile by Lane Brothers Woodshop, and it's a pretty interesting scoop on his life. Here's a link.

(Thanks for the plug in the article, B!)

Check out this wall unit and 13' long steel-framed white oak bar top that he built for Khoury's Fine Wine and Spirits. 

Our woodworking community here never fails to amaze me, and over the years, we've forged some really great friendships here. About a year ago, Braxton met Zac Higgins at one of our Sin City Woodworker meetings - and a solid friendship was cemented. The two of them both have very informative YouTube channels, and an awesome following. In fact, they recently  collaborated on two videos - you need to check these out! 

Here's Braxton's side of the story - 

and flipping it over - here's Zac's take. 

Their YouTube channels dedicated to both quality woodworking, but they also add a fun element embedded in their work. C'mon, who else uses elbow macaroni or Captain Crunch in their castings, to produce cool stuff on the lathe?  

I hope you'll subscribe to both of their channels, and maybe even drop them a line if you have some cool stuff to share. Seriously, you couldn't meet two more awesome guys sharing their passions. 

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Vegas Lupe said...

Thank you for sharing the information about Braxton! He is truly an awesome guy with a natural talent for woodworking. I have been getting to know him better through the woodturning sessions we take with Jimmy Clewes. He does remarkable work and he is clever in documenting it on video. I wish him all the best life can bring. He deserves it.