Friday, August 14, 2015

Ammo-crate Wine box

My favorite commissions are the ones where my customers give me a green light to create - so when I received a request to make an ammo-crate inspired wine box, I got pretty excited. What's not to love? These photo samples he sent me were really great!

Denny and I planned a trip to the local Army surplus store - you gotta love a store that greets you with a bomb. 

This giant shoe pointed the way to the ammo cases, where we found more hardware than we could ever imagine.

 We even found some amazing accessories - like this bullet corkscrew and bottle opener. 

 Building the case itself was easy - one of the best ways to spend an afternoon goofing off on the shop. 

 And here's the final creation.

Complete with the inspection card!

There's even a little secret stash underneath the bottle area.

Considering some of the pieces I've been struggling with lately, building something like this was just what the doctor ordered!

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