Saturday, June 13, 2015

Not complaining.... just saying..

If you live in Las Vegas, you're not really supposed to complain about the weather. (When you start complaining, people just look at you and think - STFU!)

I actually love the warm temps, so it doesn't particularly bother me when we get to triple digits - but it does make it a little tough to work in the shop.

Glue is my biggest complaint - it starts to set-up as soon as you spread it. Forget about ten minutes of working time, it's more like ten seconds! And - forget what you might think about how glue reacts to hot temps. One would think that it would turn sludgy, like cold motor oil. Just the opposite - hot glue gets as thin as milk. The first time I went to spread it, I spilled glue all over my lumber. 

Lesson learned. 

I have a ton of glue-ups to work on today, so this will be challenging! 

My best advice for beating the heat? Eat popsicles!

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