Saturday, June 27, 2015

Getting your Shop in Shape? ....Tools for Sale

It must be the season for tool-buying/tool selling. I've been getting tons of emails from various people here in Las Vegas, selling their arsenal. Some are upgrading to better equipment, some are getting out of the woodworking field completely. If you're looking for some gear, you might want to check out these items.

This Powermatic Model 66 is up for grabs - this is a solid tablesaw, and a great deal for someone who is looking to start off with a good saw. It has a mobile base, and a new power switch. If I were just starting off and wanting something  accurate, with a big capacity, I would jump at this saw. He's asking $850 for it... call me if you're interested and I'll connect you with the seller. 

Another buddy of mine moved out of town and has these tools up for sale: 

a Jet JTAS-10XL left tilt cabinet saw

A Grizzly GO654 6" X 46" jointer 

and a JET 1.5 HP dust collector with micron filter. 

These tools are listed here, in case you're interested:

There's a lathe bug going around town, and here's a great deal: Randy is selling his lathe, and to tell you the truth - if I had just one more corner of spare space in my shop, I would be buying it. It's a Steel City 5 speed Wood Lathe, with a granite headstock and lathe bed... i.e... it's a heavy mutha'.  It has a 12" swing and 27" between centers. Here's a link to the manual.

He's asking $250 for it - interested? Send me an email and I'll give you his contact info.

Finally - I'm ending my co-dependence with this beast of a radial arm saw:  This 14" brute can crosscut a 30" panel, and cuts dados like a breeze. Before I had my panel saw, this was THE go-to tool for trimming things like doors, tabletops, or plywood. 

I'm selling it with the mobile base (it weighs 700 pounds!) and Freud dado set, as well as an extra newly sharpened 14" Freud carbide blade. 

If you build large pieces and need to trim wide boards, this saw does that in seconds. 

In many ways, I think of this when cutting with this saw; 

this beast is a wood eater. 

Happy tool hunting, everyone!

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