Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Holey Galahad, Batman!

There's nothing like going to the studio on a Sunday afternoon, when it's quiet and no one is around. During the week – there're always people stopping in to the shop, and it's so easy to get distracted. Sunday's are perfect for concentrating. 

I was starting to get frustrated with this tabletop - nothing was going according to plan, and I was ready to throw in the towel. But my buddy Dan stopped by - he was working on Sunday too! We brainstormed a bit, and he gave me a suggestion about where he would start, were he building this piece.  The funny thing is - after we chatted, he lost all motivation to work, and ended up going back home to play in his garden. 

Armed with a little fortification, I got down to it. 

This is turning into a labor of love, but honestly– I don't mind. It's always kind of nice to see something morph from a pile of wood into a piece of furniture. I started by fitting the long piece against that petrified slab, and then scribing it to the profile. 

It's a good thing Lupe leaves her Holey Galahad grinder at the shop - 

it was the perfect tool for grinding that shape to fit. 

The Festool belt sander was helpful too. LOL 

(Insiders at the shop will get this joke; no one else will!)

When I work, my bench gets covered with so many tools and devices, that I barely have room to work. So - you know what happened next... time to make another cup of coffee! 

Getting the shape to fit perfectly took a lot of patience, but honestly– I was in the zone, and the work felt good. 

 That doesn't happen often, so when it does - you just have to keep working until you lose steam. Even though I only fit two pieces of wood around the slab, 

I felt pretty good about the day's accomplishments.  If all goes according to plan - I should be able to finish this top in one more session. 

That's a big IF!

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