Friday, March 07, 2014

She's come a long way....

It thrills me to no end to see some of my students blossom into full-fledged woodworkers. Like I said– it takes about three different six-week classes before everything starts to come together in someone's head. 

That's only about a half a years worth of classes. Think about that– you too can become a woodworker in just 




Beth is a perfect example– she started out small with these projects. 

Then she graduated to furniture,

you can read about her dining table here.  It was nothing short of amazing. 

It's really pretty simple - becoming a better woodworker really boils down to just one thing - practice. 

And that's one thing that she has done - practice and more practice. 

Check out the wonderful tile that she inlaid into the back and side rails.  

She's on the cusp of many great things right now - and is working on another piece that I can't wait to share with you.... stay tuned!


Vegas Lupe said...

Wow!!! Thank you for sharing the pictures. It is so neat to see a finished product. The tiles really complement and enhance the bench. That is such a beautiful piece. Great job, Beth! (I also love the fact that you are able to keep perfect fingernails and all the bling, and still do some heavy duty woodworking!)

Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

Great work by Beth, that bench is beautiful with the tiles in it. I can't seem to keep my nails clean or any length, what is Beth's secret?