Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More Compound Miters

In the Intermediate Woodworking Class last week, we finished up some pretty amazing projects. This relatively simple technique, featured in Tage Frid's book, allowed us to cut some simple shapes using compound miters. Then it was up to everyone to come up with a way to use the technique and make something with it. 

This lamp is one of my current favorites, 

and I think everyone got the bug for lampmaking. 

These were being Milk-Painted, 

and turned into a nice set of two bedside lamps.

This student chose to leave the wood natural, and made a set of two. 

Talk about creative! She found a shade and covered it with a different fabric! This lamp is AWESOME!

I made this small trash can many years ago - 

unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere! So now I want to make another, and will try to come up with a similar palm tree design on the front. 

Have you looked at small trash cans in your local stores? They're hideous! Why would you want a mass-produced one when you could make one yourself, customized for your home? You can add anything to it - color (via the MilkPaint) or inlays or intarsia - you're only limited by your imagination.

Compound miters also allow you to make shape like this one - for a mantle clock. Here's a before picture

and an finished shot.

Finally, I made these last summer, when I needed some planters for four banana tree plants. These planters vary in height, and I used a 5 gallon mud bucket inside, as the pot for the plant.  They're about two feet tall, and they just look terrific. 

If anyone makes pieces using this technique, send me photos and I'll post them here!

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