Sunday, January 13, 2013

Is it cold in your woodshop?

If you know anything about me at all, then you know I hate cold weather. 

And damn, we've been hit with a real coldspell here. Last night, it got into the 20s here, and let me tell you - there aren't very many people here who think that's fun. There are a lot of reasons I dislike the cold - but the main one is that wearing too many clothes make me like the Michelin man. 

It's no fun using the tablesaw when you can barely bend your arms. 

But - I have to say - I think I've finally figured it out. It starts with this.

This Smartwool shirt might be pricey, but it's the warmest thing I own. 

Wear it right next to your skin (as the tag says!)

for the warmest effect. If it's not too cold, just put a sweatshirt over it - and work in comfort.  If it's as cold as it was today, two layers over this and you're good to go. 

I've tried both the mens and women's versions of this shirt, but I think the mens fits better - the shirt is longer and stays tucked into your pants. The only bad side to this fabric is that it acts like a magnet for sawdust. So it's never going to look pretty after the first time you wear it in the shop. 

If you're not a fan of wool, this Under Armour EVO Coldgear shirt is great. This is my go-to shirt when it's chilly out, but I know it's going to warm up later in the day. It's lightweight, but really warm, and great for wicking away the moisture when you sweat. 

Between these two shirts,  you'll be able to tolerate winter a lot easier! Look around online, you can find them on sale. 

My next winter tip is this stuff, it's amazing. 

I used to get small cracks on my fingers every time the weather turned cold, but once I discovered this - I have not had a single crack or split. 

Seriously, not a single one. 

(I hope I didn't just jinx myself.)

The guys in the Sin City Woodworking group told me about Bag Balm, and although it can be somewhat greasy, it's pretty great for healing chapped hands.  Put it on at night, and wake up with soft paws.

So there you have it - dress warm, protect your skin, and know that Spring is only about a month away. At least here in Las Vegas!

Last year, I put my garden in on February 15; yes, I keep track of things like that.  I'm hoping that in four weeks, I'll be able to start digging in the dirt again. 

I picked these tomatoes on December 9. It's great being able to garden ten months out of the year! 

(Sorry to my old pals in Ohio.)

I'll be back in the shop tomorrow, laughing at the cold. 

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