Sunday, August 14, 2011

Scratch this off my Bucket List

Three words. Star. Trek. Convention.

You know it's serious when you walk in the room and the first thing you see is this sign:

If you live in Las Vegas and don't take full advantage of all the cool things that happen here, then shame on you. At least that's what I've been telling myself lately, because it seems like all I do is workWorkWORK.

So I made up my mind - get out and explore new things. Sort of like the opening line in Star Trek:

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.

My mission? Go to the Annual Star Trek convention and have a little fun. I invited a friend along, and we got into the spirit of the room by adding our own twist - Spock ears.

I think everyone should wear ears like these at least once in their life!

What I didn't realize if that there would be so many people in costumes, dressed as
Star Trek characters. Better yet - they were strolling around as if it was completely normal to be wearing those costumes!

This fellow needed a little assistance getting his boots on!

If you needed a costume - no problem! This vendor had full outfits for sale - at roughly $350 a piece. .

No matter what you were looking for, it was available. From very authentic phasers

to Christie's catalogs,


holiday ornaments,

even a Jean-Luc Picard action figure. (I think it's cool that I knew his name without looking it up.)

C'mon, who doesn't need a Star Trek corset?

I was blown away by the memorabilia - seriously, it was all SO compelling. Click on any of these images to bring them full screen. The sheer scope of Stat Trek mania was unbelievable.

These cast bronze plates were in a locked case. If ya gotta ask, you probably can't afford them.

There were even artists doing Borg caricatures. I'll admit, I was tempted.

And then I saw the line. The autograph line.

Hundreds of people waiting for autographs. Spock was sold out, as were a few other characters. Here is Data, one of my favorites.

and without make-up.

There were actors everywhere, from full cast members to bit players. I purchased this book from one of the actors, who autographed it. Turns out he lives here in town. The book is pretty compelling, I'm about three chapters into it and I can't put it down.

Finally, the grand ballroom. This cavern-of-a meeting-hall is bigger than my local Costco. With all the fans present, there was no problem filling this room! Amazing!

After scratching this off of my bucket list, my next stop is the Mob Museum. Another weekend, another adventure!

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