Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turn, turn, turn... part two

After the replacement legs were turned on the wood lathe, the next step was to make the rest of the base for this piece. This was a perfect time to use the my Festool Domino, so I set it up and cut the various mortises on the appropriate components.

Because the turned pieces had a square section on them, it was quite easy to cut mortises in them.

Attaching the stretchers was simple - just cut them to length, and mortise the ends.

The pieces go together like Tinker-Toys, once all your joinery is cut.

The Domino even made attaching the new legs a breeze. On the back legs, I used a double tenon, for extra strength.

The little piece of masking tape (with a line drawn on it) shows me where the center of that leg is, as opposed to drawing on the leg with a pencil.

It would be very easy to knock one of the legs off it with a vacuum cleaner, so I wanted to beef the joint up a bit.

Joining the newly turned leg to it's mate proved a little more problematic. But since I knew where the exact center of the leg was, I drilled a hole, installed a 3/8" dowel center,

and marked it's location on the upper piece. Then I drilled a hole into the existing legs, so that the two pieces would mate perfectly.

The dowel is acting both as a alignment feature, and a structural component.

With those double tenons on the back legs, that base isn't going anywhere.

Once the base was assembled, I set the cabinet on top of it, to see how it fit.


So I applied glue to the tenons, and assembled the base. Once it was dry, I slid the base in place, set the piece upright, and let gravity act as my clamp overnight.

Next - matching the finish. Stay tuned!

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