Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pieces and parts...

There isn't much to talk about here today, I'm just too busy with things to be done in the woodshop. Going out of town twice in the last month has put me behind on just about everything. But seeing my family was worth it. So here are a few random photos I've been saving up, stupidly thinking I'd have time to write something about them. This post will be a jumble of things I've been meaning to write about, but just never had the time to complete.

I try to work in the garden every Sunday, even if it's just for a few minutes. Imagine my surprise at finding these tucked under some leaves.

This might be the last chance for fresh baba ghanouj this season.

Still working on that chair repair - Thanksgiving is coming up fast and I'd promised the chairs would be ready by then. One of the chairs had a part that was too badly damaged to fix, so a replacement had to be made. You can see in the photo below that both ends of this chair back rail were split at the end. Poor design.

The piece was fairly complex, with compound angled tenons on each end, and an angled mortise in the middle.

By the time I left town, I'd only started the piece, but when I got back to the shop yesterday, my buddy Dan had finished making the part. You can't find a better friend than that.

Here is the piece (finally) in the chair.

Stella has become the official shop mascot,

and although she requires a bath every time she visits the shop, it's OK.

She's worth the trouble.

You can usually find her playing with a ball somewhere. Which usually means I have to rescue the balls from under the stacks of wood.

Finally, my Jet oscillating edge sander has been a little under the weather, blowing a bearing a while back. Danny owns the exact same sander, and had trouble with that exact same bearing. So he knew exactly how to repair it. He had it in pieces before I knew it.

I'm very suspicious of a tool in which the same bearing blows up for various tool owners. Doesn't that seem a little odd?

In this case, the bad bearing had disintegrated into various metal fragments. All I had to take to the motor repair store was the outer casing on the bearing, shown below. The new bearing is on the left.

The fellows at the repair shop are pros, they fixed me up in no time.

Here's the Jet sander back in shape, more or less. I buy a lot of tools; this isn't one of my favorites. It's temperamental, and if I had purchased this thing new (and paid full price) - I would be pissed.

Sure, it sands edges very efficiently, but it's poorly engineered, and needs a lot of tweaking to get it to work properly.

Anyone want to buy a sander (with new bearings)?

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